Hungry Lion Bike Tour

Why Participate in the Hungry Lion Bike Tour?

Vermont is ranked the 11th hungriest state in the nation and according to the US Census, 13% of Vermonters (27000 children) cannot afford either enough food or nutritious food for their households. These numbers are alarming and the Whitingham-Halifax Lions has been aiding in this problem for over twenty years.

We began by serving a warm holiday dinner. Although it was a treat for many, there were no long-term benefits. Today, we provide over a month’s worth of groceries which are typically delivered the weekend before the Christmas holiday. The groceries are all delivered in reusable canvas bags and are overflowing with various staples and perishables. Last year we teamed up with the local Rotary Club and together were able to serve over 400 people all in the nine surrounding towns.

We have developed the annual ‘Hungry Lion Bike Tour’ as a main fundraiser for this project. Our Hungry Lion Bike Tour earnings will go towards our efforts to end some of Vermont's food instability around the holidays. Please join us in making this event a great success and have fun riding amongst the beautiful fall colors of Vermont!

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