Readings for Riders

Want to research a little before heading out on two wheels? Have some down time between rides and are looking for some light reading? Need a quick reference on how to quick-tune your ride? Whatever the case, click away on the links below and see what gets your wheels turning!

Regular bike maintenance is a must. Here are some good, quick tips for spring cleaning, no matter what the season.

From pedal-pushers to penny-farthings, here are seven quick bicycle words.

Want more leg-powered lingo? Check out this article by Marc Silver from NPR Health.

The League of American Bicyclist is an amazing resource for all things bike! A recent publication, What Does Bicycling Mean for Our Future? Can be viewed here.

More from the Bike League: Laws that promote Biking

A lot goes into the manufacturing of a bicycle. Though it looks like a fairly simple machine, gaining some 'cycle savvy' is important when it comes to fitting a bike for your body. Terry Bikes breaks it down - and get's pretty into it, actually - in this post about frame geometry.




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